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May 31, 2021

Retirement accounts have recovered from last year’s nosedive, but with rumblings that the bull market is ending, where do we go from here? Plus, proper estate planning can save your loved ones from unnecessary stress. Begin your plan at

May 24, 2021

Some experts say the rising inflation rates could be the next “Black Swan” event. The Money Mentors share ideas on ways to protect yourself from inflation, and the growing worries over future rising taxes. Learn more about protecting your money at

May 17, 2021

People who have $1 million or more, and manage their own money, are showing behaviors to indicate they’re nervous about the market. Should you be paying more attention to these indicators? Plus, the new programs President Biden is proposing may cost $700 billion more than he projected, causing concerns that taxes will...

May 10, 2021

President Biden is pushing another big spending plan that may hurt small business owners by eliminating the “stepped-up basis” at death. The Money Mentors talk about ways this could affect your legacy plans and create major tax burden for your heirs. And you’ve heard of Roth accounts, you’ve heard of...

May 3, 2021

Inflation has become one of our biggest economic concerns. The Fed insists it’s only a temporary rise, but some experts disagree. How can you work to protect your money?  Plus, one of the most confusing tools of retirement planning, can also help solve one of the most basic problems a retiree will face. How can an...